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Friend of Jesus

John 15:14



Ecclesia the Latin ecclēsia derived from Ancient Greek ἐκκλησία (ekklēsía, “gathering”) (Noun).  From the Greek ek, out of, and kaleein, to call: thus, an assembly 'call out of' this world or 'called away' from worldliness (John 17:16 WEB, Romans 12:2 WEB). The plural form is ecclesias, the etymology was borrowed from Ancient Greek ἐκκλησία, the house of worship, either as a body or as a building, an assemblage of people (ecclesiastical).

In biblical terms this is the congregation, the group of believers, symbolic body or place of gathering for believers, Ancient Greek ἐκκλησία (ekklēsía, “gathering”). Ecclesia in Christian theology means a particular body of faithful people that is in relation with the whole body of Christ Jesus, an assembly or community of members of the body of Christ. We build relationships, not churches, we fellowship with God in our midst.
Luther made mention of it in one of his letters, that if we only use the word assembly instead of church for the word 'ecclesia' the world would have been a different place today. We are the church! Church is not the building or the denomination of a group of believers, no it is the congregation of people in Jesus Christ, a fellowship of bekievers. It is simple, effective and the way God intended it when He send Jesus and the Holy Spirit to us here on earth. People complicate God's Word in so many different ways and manners, in customs and rituals. It was never meant to be so complicated, Jesus is clear His teachings as in Matthew 18:16 that we should witness together to the lost and again in Matthew 18:19 WEB as well as in Mark 6:7 WEB they were send in two's to minister to others. In Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 WEB we read that together we can achieve so much more and the support is good then the need arise.

Go organic, go ecclesia, be as a fellowship of believers was in the New Testament time, as in Acts etc. Return to the Word of God, listen to His voice and head His calling for your life. Be inspired by Jesus, have courage to reach out, be confident in who you are in Him, do everything with boldness for God and always trust in His goodness and faithfulness. Be great and serve your fellow man with love and joy, be thankful that you were chosen to share the GOOD NEWS with others around you with joy in your heart. When you have dinner with friends, you fellowship, and God is present, break bread, share the sacraments, there are plenty of opportunities everywhere around us to share and grow the Kingdom of God, and if we take hand we have much more to offer one another, we have  a common friendship in Jesus. BE FREE, BE AVAILABLE, BE A GREEK TO THE GREEKS.
We are ragamuffins, believer in Jesus Christ, that stand at His door every day for grace, we are not perfect, and we are in need of His love and joy every second. This is neither about the author, or this ministry, this is about being servants for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost souls of this world? Ecclesia was formed many years ago, in fact this ministry uses this name to help people see that we have LIBERTY, we are heirs to God's Kingdom. Our ministry is teaching people that there in only one-way to God and that is through His only Son, Jesus. How can we possibly be liberated by Jesus from this world and life and still want to go back into bondage?

Many proclaim His name but they burden the people with special tithing, rituals and thing that is not of God but of this world, concepts that sound godly enough but is far from it. At Ecclesia ministry we teach the Word of God in as simple way as possible to people who live in a simple world that is simply lost. We don't profess to know everything, but we do profess that we are FREE and saved by grace. Throughout the years we have visited and ministered in South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi.

Get It Done

Ecclesia minister to people in all walk of life, to believers of other faiths, from Doctors, Pastors to the destitute and the homeless, anywhere God leads us to share the Good News. We have preached in churches, under trees, baptized in baths etc. This ministry in made up of simple people, our message is simple, our lives are simple, and our doctrine is simply that of God and not of ourselves. Our ministry try to live each day as best we can in the time we are in. Our philosophy is "Sometimes we are the only Bible people read", this is from the quote by William J. Toms “Be careful how you live. You may be the only Bible some person ever reads.” Our outreaches is where ever we are at this moment in time, it could be in your country or your town right now proclaiming the Gospel of the risen Lord Jesus Christ.